lunedì 17 giugno 2024

[English] Delphi@School 2024

We have often asked ourselves 'how' to introduce Delphi to the new generations.

We have always thought it would be wonderful to have a few hours in the school day of the students who are currently taking programming courses.

We got this opportunity!

On Tuesday, February 20th, Fabrizio Bitti and I were guests at the ITC "Archimede" in Modica (RG) to present Delphi to the two fifth-year programming classes.

It was a wonderful day: after a presentation of Delphi, we moved to the lab for a few hours of 'hands-on practice'. We demonstrated how to create a VCL application, and the students developed their own in about an hour. We also showed how Delphi can be used to develop mobile applications for iOS and Android.

For the occasion, we asked Embarcadero Technologies - Delphi to provide us with Academy licenses for the 56 PCs in the two labs.

Today, Delphi is installed on those 56 PCs, available to the students of today and those who will come after them. We have no doubt that #Delphi will become a part of the educational curriculum for the students of this institute. We are confident of this at bit Time Software and bit Time Professionals, who worked hard to prepare this event, as well as the teachers who assisted us over the past few weeks.

We hope that this experience can serve as an inspiration to propose similar initiatives in other parts of Italy, in other institutions. And if you wish, I guarantee that Valentina Bitti and the entire bit Time staff can support you in organizing it.


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