mercoledì 8 novembre 2023

RAD Studio 12 and Skia


What I'm going to describe here is due to the fact that I had have installed the Skia version 5.
In Skia vers. 6, the units are been changed as in Rad Studio 12.

Thanks to Glenn Dufke for the info.


RAD Studio 12 has been released and one of the most important feature is the Skia integration in it.

I have a Delphi project that use some Skia animation; opening it with Rad Studio 12, it don't compile: Skia components (and libraries) are not recognized.

Cause the integration, something has changed: Skia's classes definition are been moved in new units:

from:  Skia.pas, Skia.Vcl.pas

to: System.Skia.pas, Vcl.Skia.pas

For my project, only this change has been necessary to solve my problem.

For a retro-compatibility, I, quickly, have only added this lines to my code:


  , System.Skia, Vcl.Skia


  ,  Skia, Skia.Vcl


That's all!


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